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Tantric Earth Lights

By David Jay Brown

I had a very strange experience a few years ago that I am at a lose to explain. One evening my (at-the-time) girlfriend (Heaven) and I were in my bathroom. The lights were out In the bathroom, and it was in the early part of the evening, after the sun had gone down. We were kissing, and I had my eyes closed, when I suddenly noticed that a light was shining on my face. I opened my eyes and saw that a bright light beam was coming In through the bathroom window and shining right on Heaven and I. I looked out the window and saw what appeared to be a bright flashlight around twenty or thirty yards away, which was pointed In the window, directly on us.

At first I thought that It was my landlady out looking for something In the dark, but I became concerned when the light beam continued to be sustained on us. Heaven and I srood in front of the window, and looked right Into the light beam. We both looked at the light, and I was thinking, who in Godís name Is shining a flashlight In at us? That's when the really weird stuff began. What happened for the next 20 to 30 minutes (or what seemed about that length of time) was really strange.
The bright light beam that had been sustained on us began floating around, and blinking on and off. There would be total darkness, then several spots on the trees would light up for a few seconds, like small discreet flashes of lightening.

These lightening-like flashes went on for quite some while, and then there were flashes of light In different colors. I saw reds, whites, yellows, and oranges, but Heaven sold that she saw other colors as well.
It was just so strange. Then we began seeing circles of light with symbols or objects In their center. We saw a circle of yellow light with what appeared to be a bright red lantern In the center. We watched In a state of astonishment, terror and fascination. We just couldn't believe what we were seeing, and It almost seemed as If our emotional reactions were having an effect on the frequency of the lights. It was so so weird, and then It all just suddenly stopped.

My neighbors, who own the property, didn't see anything when I asked them about it the next day. They have no Idea what Heaven and I saw, and there should have been no one else on the property. I live In a pretty Isolated area, out In the middle of the woods, several miles up a steep mountain that Is accessible only by car, and mischievous teenagers don't seem a likely explanation. No people were seen or voices heard.

Then, to top It all off, when we went upstairs into my loft, we discovered that more time had gone by than we could fully account for.
The light show seemed to last under 30 minutes, yet more than two hours had gone by. After this happened I wasnít able to stop thinking about for several weeks, and asked everyone I knew if they had ever seen anything similar. No one had. I've never seen anything like It before in my life, but Heaven said that she had seen lights like this before In her dreams. Then, since this experience, I've now had two dreams where I saw similar lights In the trees, or a bright light beam shining Into my house through the window.

Several weeks after after the experience with the lights I discovered a book by Albert Budden called Electric UF0s: Fireballs, Electromagnetics and Abnormal States, which has an interesting section on what are called "earth lights". It states that "during periods of tectonic activity and/or mechanical strain In faults, globes of light were produced which could be of various colors, last for considerable periods of time and had the ability to change shape. Orange and white were the two colors which predominated, and one of the mechanisms proposed Involved piezoelectric and piezomagnetic process, whereby rock masses, predominantly silicates, produced such energies due to unreleased ground strain. Many different reports of light forms were collected from geological data around the world, showing that such terrestrial lights could take many different forms, e.g. globes, beams, multi-colored points of light, discs, ovoids, etc."

This description of "earth lights" sounds similar to what my partner and I experienced that evening looking out my bathroom window. I live In the Santa Cruz mountains of California, which Is riddled with fault-lines.
Prior to earthquakes in this area, there are often reports of unusual animal behavior, which provides further evidence for the piezoelectric theory, as this Is the leading explanation for such reports. This theory may also explain our altered state of consciousness at the time, as electric fields are known to alter neurotransmitter ratios in the brain.

But what caused the light beam to shine directly on us as we we were kissing for such a sustained period of time? Perhaps the erotic-tantric energies that we were cultivating created a channel or link of some kind with the electrical energy that manifested as the earth lights? Perhaps our nervous systems were In some type of resonance with the electrical field that was being generated by the fault-line pressure on the quartz crystal in the earth's crust? God only knows. Heaven said that she believes that the lights that we saw may have been intelligent, alive and conscious in some way. I have to admit I did have that impression as well, and the Tantric Earth Light theory doesn't discount the possibility that the light was an intelligent entity of some sort.
Whatever it was that happened that night, we may never know.

The above story appeared in the June, 2004 issue of Fate magazine. When I recounted this experience to the late Harvard psychiatric researcher John Mack, he was intrigued by it, and offered to put me into a relaxed hypnotic state, to explore my memory of the event, and see if anything else may have happened that I didnít recall. Unfortunately we never had the opportunity to do this before he died. Although I donít think anything more happened than I described above, because of Johnís curiosity, I have always wondered.


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